Collection: Figurative

Expressive Figurations: Uncovering the Invisible

Alone in my downtown studio, I found solitude amidst a shared space, drawing inspiration from some figure drawings that I had laying around, they moved me but I wasn’t quite sure why. Those quick, emotive gestures with fleeting lines, barely forming the human figure, but capturing raw emotions of identity and the longing to be seen beyond flesh and bone.

Using oil paints, I sought to recreate these gestures, transforming them into a meditative search for truth and visibility. This process allowed me to reflect on my childhood feelings of sometimes feeling unseen, growing up as the eldest of four with an often-absent and distant father and a mother, often too exhausted to connect.

The vivid colors and expressive strokes in my paintings convey the deep emotions behind each pose. Reactions varied—some viewers were unsure of my intentions, but others were deeply moved. One admirer at a show was deeply captivated by the expressive power of a particular piece.

Through this collection, I aim to celebrate the unseen and invite viewers to connect with the profound essence of being human, revealing the hidden truths of identity and priceless self worth.